Solutions From Our Orthodontics Office

We are a dentist office, whose area of expertise is orthodontics and correcting crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth, thus vastly improving people’s appearances, especially when they smile. We can also help people who have gaps between their teeth, who have one set of teeth overlap the other, or whose lips do not naturally and easily come together. While general dentists usually treat a wide range of oral health problems, an orthodontist is eminently qualified to recommend the best course of treatment which will straighten your teeth and give you a beautiful and healthy smile.

How Do Braces Work?

Braces work over a period of several months by gently, but firmly, exerting steady pressure on your teeth. Over a period of time, this pressure will painless move your teeth into the position they need to be in, with accompanying, and permanent, changes in the bony socket underlying the teeth. After examining your mouth, and taking any necessary X-rays, we will recommend the type of braces that will best suit your needs, lifestyle and pocket book.
Types of Orthodontics

You could opt for the traditional metal braces that are usually the most wallet friendly option. Metal braces have changed for the better in the recent past and are a lot less cumbersome than they used to be.  They are smaller than ever and take up less space on the surface of your tooth, making them far less obvious.
However, if the idea of metal braces does not appeal to you, and you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option, you may consider tooth colored ceramic braces, which are visually much less noticeable.
Lingual Braces are attached, or bonded to the back of your teeth which keeps them completely out of sight. They do run a little more expensive than metal braces simply because they are custom made to exactly fit your teeth. However, it may be worth it to someone who can’t imagine wearing traditional braces.
Last, but certainly not least, there are ‘invisible’, or ‘clear’ braces, which are custom molded plastic aligners… trays that fit snugly over your teeth. These aligners are replaced on a regular basis, each one gradually moving your teeth into place. An additional benefit of using aligners is that they can be more comfortable than traditional braces. They can also be taken out when you brush or floss your teeth, and they are virtually invisible. However, there are some conditions, like severely crowded teeth, that call for traditional braces. After we examine your mouth, and thoroughly assess your problems, we will be more than happy to discuss all your options with you, which will include the pros and cons of each method.
Braces Are Not Age Limited

Although it is true that a young person’s teeth can be moved more easily than an adults, you can fix crooked or protruding teeth at any age. If your smile has always made you self-conscious, or you feel it is holding you back in either/or your personal or professional life, it is time to take the first step towards the winning smile you may have always wanted.
Come and talk to us. As an orthodontics office, we have a passion for excellence, many years of experience, and extensive knowledge of the latest advances in dentistry. Our ultimate goal is your permanently beautiful smile and we will be happy to discuss the options for getting you there.

Darlene De La Paz